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Metallic shine for paint in plastic

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Leading French paint producer V33 has created a sleek family image for its Colorissim indoor paints range, using the rectangular SuperCube® and small round Paintainer® from RPC Superfos, both of which feature a glossy metallic shine thanks to advanced in-mould labelling and UV varnish.

V33 is using two sizes of SuperCube and a 700ml Paintainer, all of which are injection moulded in polypropylene. The SuperCube pail has a space-efficient rectangular shape that ensures product differentiation. Tamper evidence is standard as is EOS (easy open system). There are no sharp edges, but the container does feature plenty of space for sharp graphic detailing.  Paintainer is particularly suited to paint and surface coatings and is easy to stack, handle and transport. Even on the smaller sizes that are typically used for colour samples it offers a premium brand display.

V33 was seeking a packaging solution that would make the new paints stand out from the crowd:

"We are very happy with the new elegant SuperCube and Paintainer pails for our Colorissim series", comments communication manager Marie de Grivel. "All three are appealing and practical and the extended family image supports our branding strategy. The SuperCube pail makes life easier for the end-users who get an attractive and aesthetic pack that is easy to put a small paint roller into. Above all, we wanted to get a striking look for our products, and undoubtedly this objective has been met."

Despite the different sizes and shapes the pails clearly belong together and form a harmonic image. The rectangular shape of the SuperCube pail makes a difference in a market dominated by round pails. The metallic shine and the colours have an impressive finish and give the pack a clear aesthetic value which appeals to V33's customers, as Marie de Grivel explains:

"Our indoor paint in the new glossy pack has been very well received and we see a clear positive development in our sales figures. The success of our indoor paint series is partly due to the pails and their metallic look, and it appears to carry over to some of our other products, such as our paint for technical decorations."

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