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For the launch of a special product line for professional painters, the Italian paint producer Colorificio Atria s.r.l wanted a striking look. The result is now on shelves featuring a packaging solution of coloured lids and handles from RPC Superfos.

Colorificio Atria required both high quality packaging and elegant artwork for the new series of its paint brand Sofia.

"Our new product line is an exclusive one", explains business development director Vincenzo Atria. "It has insulating properties both in respect of heat and sound. So, as the brand image of the paint is at the top-end of the range, the pails have to follow suit and send the right signal to the painters."

Colorificio Atria opted for the round UniPak pail for 1 litre of paint, combined with its sister pail SuperLift for the bigger option (about 4 litres). The two injection moulded polypropylene containers have a very similar design and create a family image even for different sizes. To help give the pails a striking look and a strong visual impact, there is a great variety of colours with coloured lids and handles that match the artwork design, a feature which is not commonly seen on the paint market.

"For the Sofia range, we needed a relevant, special and unique packaging", continues Vincenzo Atria. "The result is that we now have a magnificent solution which combines beauty and quality. It is different from what our competitors are using – and that is just what we wanted."

The artwork for the pails has been developed together with Creative Director Salvatore Morgante who is also the proprietor of his own design agency.

"The aesthetic details of the plastic pails support the message of our exclusive paint", says Vincenzo Atria. "Sofia is an innovative product which is now on the market in a fantastic injection moulded plastic pail."

Colorificio Atria has received a lot of positive feedback from professional painters and distributors since the launch.

"Working with RPC Superfos as our packaging partner has been a very good experience. Their team has taken care of the project very carefully from start to finish", Vincenzo Atria concludes.

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