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Fine food producer grows with RPC's SuperLock

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The switch from plastic bottles and doy-packs to the SuperLock® pot from RPC Superfos has enabled Spanish food producer Casa Ametller to expand its range of cold and hot soups and give them a more premium image.

A family-owned company established in 2001, Casa Ametller produces a range of high quality fine food products and also has 74 retail stores, mainly in the Catalonian region near Barcelona. The company's soup range was only recently launched in Spain, Switzerland and Germany but with the advent of the SuperLock® pot this has now expanded into 11 different flavours.

The previous packs were produced in-house and while they worked well, they did not deliver the high class solution that Casa Ametller wanted to offer, as Albert Massaneda, team member of new development, explains:

"In line with an overall growth and expansion strategy, we wanted to obtain more customer attention and obviously sell more soups. Through the SuperLock® pot with in-mould labelling we can clearly communicate the high quality of our soups. We appreciate the rigid plastic solution as well as the increased shelf life that our soups get with this pot."

As a soup producer, Casa Ametller values the fact that the SuperLock® pot is suitable for hot filling and autoclaving in the process line, while for end-users, it delivers a premium customer experience. Albert Massaneda highlights how easy it is to open and re-close the pot thanks to the click-on screw-off lid, and he also points out the membrane, which can be effortlessly peeled off.

"Working with RPC Superfos has been a pleasure", he concludes. "We have received competent service in a proper way and all the support that we needed. It takes some time to implement a packaging project from start to launch; however, looking at the great result, I would not have done it any other way."

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