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Berries stay fresh in RPC's SuperLock

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RPC Superfos's SuperLock® pot has provided the ideal solution to enable a new berry and fruit purée to stay fresher for longer.

Swedish fruit and berry company Finnerödja produces a range of organic juices, fresh and frozen berries. The company has now launched a new product called Bara Bär – meaning Simply Berries – which comprises berries, stewed apples and nothing else. The company’s slogan is 'Directly from the woods and the fields' and the new product in three varieties - sea buckthorn & mango, blueberries and raspberries, all containing no additives or sugar – is packed directly into the SuperLock® pot for convenience and long shelf life.

As a completely new product on the Swedish market, the packaging had to live up to the standard and send a clear signal about originality. Following a recommendation from the filler Trensums, Finnerödja decided to use SuperLock®, as the company's market and sales representative Frida Engström explains:

"To us, the SuperLock® pot with oxygen barrier protection appeared to be the obvious choice.  We had a unique, new product to sell, so the packaging solution had to match this profile.

The click-on screw lid pleases our customers and the easy opening and reclosure is ideal for people, who quickly want to boost a yogurt, make some porridge tastier or twist a smoothie with healthy berry purée."

The injection moulded polypropylene SuperLock® pack with barrier protection has won several international prizes, notably because of its extremely low oxygen transmission rates which mean that most convenience products can stay on shelf under ambient temperatures for up to two years.

The launch of Bara Bär has been successful and the sales figures are very satisfactory. To introduce the pure purée on the market and to make clear to consumers that it contains nothing but fruit and berries, Finnerödja followed a digital strategy.

"We have had a tremendous start with our new purée in SuperLock®", concludes Frida Engström. "We launched it through various social media, including Instagram. The results are stunning. Bloggers have suggested numerous ideas for combining indulgence and healthy eating with Bara Bär and the weekly number of participants in our Instagram competition has clearly exceeded our expectations."

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