Paint looks good in conversion from metal to plastic

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With in-mould labelling and lacquer, a change from metal to plastic using the Paintainer® range from RPC Superfos has improved the image of Akzo Spain, the company behind leading Spanish paint brands.

Having enjoyed over 50 years success in the Spanish paint market, Akzo Spain has introduced a new direction – including a packaging solution in plastic instead of the previously-used metal – in order to maintain its leadership.

The company is now using the 1 litre Paintainer® on its fast speed filling line for premium brands such as Bruguer and Procolor. According to Akzo Spain, the Paintainer® is able to meet both current and future packaging needs, as the range encompasses a large choice of volumes and many fabulous finishing options through in-mould labelling with lacquer. Indeed the conversion to plastic has spruced up the look of the various paint products.

Key benefits of Paintainer®, the multi-award winning injection moulded polypropylene container for paint, include its user-friendliness. Painters can open and close the pack without the use of any tool and it makes a reassuring click-sound when closed. On the paint producer's filling line, this click-sound also adds value, because it makes production quality control easier.

This new plastic packaging solution has not gone unnoticed and the market response has been very positive. Regarding the cooperation with RPC Superfos, Akzo Spain is equally positive, valuing the service guarantee, short delivery term and quick reaction time it has experienced. The paint producer says it has received an outstanding product delivered with a very high level of service.

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