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Paint moves from metal to plastic in Ukraine

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Leading Ukrainian paint producer Meffert Ganza Farben is creating product differentiation in the DIY sector with the re-launch of its paint in the Paintainer® plastic pail from RPC Superfos, replacing the previous metal pack format.

In particular, the trend for paint and lacquer in Ukraine is moving towards packaging with in-mould labelling. As Paintainer® offers superb decoration options using this special technique, Meffert Ganza Farben is now taking the lead, as Sergey Ezholov, Deputy of the General Director of the company, explains:

"We used to apply only metal packaging for our products, but now we also use the Paintainer® plastic packaging solution from RPC Superfos, namely pails in two sizes: 2.7 litres and 5.3 litres. It is a modern, high-quality replacement that perfectly matches our packaging needs."

The use of the injection moulded polypropylene Paintainer® has generated positive reactions, in particular for its graphic finish that perfectly renders the smallest decorative detail.

"Our aim was to find a modern packaging for our paint, making it easily distinguishable on shelf, and together with RPC Superfos we have been successful in reaching this goal," confirms Sergey Ezholov. Having vast experience with both metal and plastic pails, Sergey Ezholov reports that "In our working processes we find that the plastic containers work noticeably well in all stages, including the labelling, filling and packing stages. Contrary to metal, plastic packaging is not subject to deformation and there is no risk of corrosion. Working with the professional team of RPC Superfos has simply been a positive experience."

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