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A healthy ice cream made from camel's milk is being sold in RingLock tubs from RPC Superfos that help to convey the qualities of this unique product.

Camelait ice cream offers a series of six different flavours launched by Al Ain Dairy Company in the United Arab Emirates.

The convenient, easy-to-use injection moulded polypropylene RingLock tub features high-impact golden decoration and a perfect visualisation of the ice cream, using advanced in-mould labelling to deliver photos and graphics of a very high resolution that reflect the premium nature of the product.

Camelait is targeted at high-end customers because the cost of camel's milk production is higher than that of cow's milk, as Head of Plant Operations Sayyad Mohammed Ghouse from Al Ain Dairy Company explains:

"For our new, exclusive product we needed a packaging that could clearly communicate its distinction including the various exciting taste experiences of the Camelait ice cream. The solution was found together with RPC Superfos Balkan. They now provide us with glossy and highly functional RingLock tubs."

The camel milk ice cream is available in two sizes: 125ml and 1 litre. For immediate indulgence and eating on the go, the smaller tubs have a practical plastic spoon in the lid.

"Our new ice cream looks outstanding in the RingLock tubs sending a signal of superior quality. We are happy that we took the word of advice from RPC Superfos about putting a spoon in the lid, as it adds value to the product. We have cooperated well with their team on developing the design, including the colours to make the tubs attract the attention of the consumers", Sayyad Mohammed Ghouse says, stressing that RPC Superfos was very dedicated to meeting all production and supply time lines.

On the filling line, the packaging solution also lives up to the requirements of Al Ain Dairy Company. The tubs are easy to handle all the way through the filling torque, the hardening tunnel and into the cartons. The RingLock tubs resist blast freezing at temperatures of -25°C. They are 100 per cent liquid tight and come with tamper evidence.

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