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Al Wefag, the market leader in sugar confectionery in Saudi Arabia, has launched its gummy candy series Borgat in two sizes of UniPak tubs from RPC Superfos, citing the particular benefits of more branding space, a more vibrant look and a better finish over its previous packaging format.

A square 89x89mm pack and 129x129mm square family pack with handle have been selected for the confectionery brand. The convenient, tamper resistant injection moulded polypropylene tubs, which feature transparent lids for high visibility of the contents, help to convey a premium image on shelf.

Targeted at both children and adults, Borgat sweets are widely popular and the new packaging is only expected to increase this popularity. According to Jules Ang, Marketing Manager for Al Wefag, the feedback from distributors is encouraging and the packaging embodies the quality of the contents:

"Our sweets are of a very high quality and through the new pack we have found a great ambassador for our gummy candy. The pack is the first to meet the eye of the consumer so the look is crucial and the UniPak tubs represent our quality standards in the best possible way."

An attractive aspect of the UniPak for Al Wefag was the display surface that makes it possible to show a brand in a razor sharp, eye-catching manner with a family image for a variety of sizes and shapes.

"We are so pleased with the result that we are motivated to further improve our packaging portfolio and replace existing solutions with new ones from RPC Superfos," concludes Jules Ang. "In addition, all along the process we have felt very well treated by their attentive and flexible team."

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