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RPC's packs for Piquant are red-hot

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A new branding for leading foodservice supplier Piquant has also underlined the company's long-standing successful partnership with RPC.

RPC Superfos supplies its market-leading injection moulded polypropylene E and PS Range pails in 10 litre and 5 litre sizes for Piquant's range of mayonnaise and marinades, while RPC Promens Consumer Corby's 2.35kg multilayer blow moulded Bear jar is used for the company's salad dressings.

All are now in the process of taking Piquant's new packaging design. Developed by CLIP, the new labels project a more modern and contemporary image while retaining Piquant's familiar oval green logo.

"The team at CLIP has done a fantastic job fulfilling our design requirements while retaining the heritage of our brand", comments Piquant's sales director Mike Hooker. "We are experts in the production of sauces and marinades and we wanted our brand to reflect our knowledge of the industry."

The RPC packs offer the combination of strength and robustness at light weights, easy handling and resistance to denting and shattering, all important benefits in the busy foodservice environment.

"RPC has been our supplier of choice for many years and the quality, functionality and convenience of their pails and jars are ideal for our customers, while their service and support have been exemplary", continues Mike Hooker. "The new designs have given our packaging a new dimension and we have received some fantastic feedback from existing customers and new clients on our distinctive label design."

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