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Danica Foods 'jam' more into RPC's Superlock pots

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Following a part conversion from glass to plastic, Swedish food producer Danica Foods is packing its private label jam for a major supermarket in SuperLock® pots from RPC Superfos, decreasing the risk of product contamination and achieving lower energy costs.

The injection moulded polypropylene SuperLock pot with oxygen barrier protection provides a lightweight and modern alternative to the previous jars. And as Jörgen Lindberg, CEO of Danica Foods explains, the weight reduction of the pack achieves significant savings:

"Roughly, in terms of packaging units, four incoming trucks with empty jars equal one single truck with empty SuperLock pots. Outgoing trucks with SuperLock filled with our jam weigh approximately 9,000 kg less than a truck with filled jars, which means logistical cost savings. Here, we use our energy resources for transporting goods - not chiefly heavy packaging."

The SuperLock pot offers several additional benefits, including a reduction in noise on the filling line, but the most important is that the risk of slivers of glass contaminating the product is completely removed.

"SuperLock is easy to handle and better than glass", explains Jörgen Lindberg. "When the jam is finished, the practical plastic pot is useful at home for storing other kinds of food and you can also put it in the microwave. But the biggest advantage for food producers is that the risk of broken glass is completely eliminated with SuperLock."

Danica Foods has also been very satisfied with the conversion project.

"RPC Superfos has done a really good job", concludes Jörgen Lindberg. "The communication between us was impeccable and the whole team was responsive to any of our requests."

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