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Evolution not revolution for bespoke tub

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A bespoke tub from RPC Superfos has been selected to pack the popular Forssan range of salads made by Atria Finland. Replacing the range's previous pack of 15 years, the new design combines a subtle yet effective makeover with a considerably lighter container, reducing the amount of packaging waste.

Atria's consumer studies into its previous pack revealed that end-users liked the shape, size and overall type of packaging they were used to. Based on this important feedback, the new bespoke pack was developed in close co-operation between Atria, its design agency and RPC Superfos.

"Our premium salad series, sold under an almost iconic brand, Forssan, simply needed a new packaging solution after almost 15 years in an unaltered pack," explains Janne Hautala, Packaging Development Manager at Atria Finland. "These products have been popular in Finland for decades, so we did not want to do anything to jeopardise its status. We were looking for an upgrade, not a complete change."

The new injection moulded polypropylene tub from RPC Superfos features a variety of printed designs according to the salads inside where previously all packs were identical with only the lid matching the actual content. In addition, an eye-catching indent on the corner of the lid indicates easy opening and re-closure.

"The result is very good," continues Janne. "We appreciate the bigger opening corner of the lid and the better shelf appeal. Our customers seem to like the new pack, too."

In addition to its enhanced design, the new pack also represents a weight reduction of almost 20% compared to its predecessor. In addition, it works well on the existing filling line with Atria experiencing improved functionality, including faster filling and elimination of breakages.

"We are impressed with the way RPC Superfos has handled the project and with their level of expertise," concludes Janne. "The logistics worked out well including on-time-delivery.

Though we have come across some minor issues along the way, these have been solved rather quickly, and we're pleased with the attentiveness and service which we've received from RPC Superfos. Indeed, we feel that the packaging supplier listens to us."

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