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RPC Superfos's UniPak pail is natural choice for yoghurt

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Romanian dairy producer Prodlacta Brasov has appointed RPC Superfos as an additional supplier of plastic packaging. The company chose RPC Superfos because of the quality, service, delivery times and commercial solutions that it offers.

Prodlacta Brasov’s natural yoghurt and sour cream products now come in two sizes – 1.18 litres and 5 litres – of the round UniPak pails with plastic handles, as part of a three-year deal. Available in versions containing 12%, 15%, or 20% milk fatness, and aimed at both the retail and foodservice sectors, they are already selling well in Romania, as well as being exported to Moldova.

Taking RPC Superfos on board has been a positive experience, according to Liliana Andriuc, Purchase Director at Prodlacta Brasov: “We keep our finger on the pulse and appreciate working with suppliers who meet our needs. We are clearly satisfied with RPC Superfos. The straightforwardness and our open discussions are valuable points in our business relationship.”

One of the most extensive ranges in Europe, with a wealth of shapes and sizes for customers to choose from, the UniPak pail from RPC Superfos keeps costs down through the fact that several sizes of it match each lid diameter, meaning brands only need to stock one lid for a range of sizes. Tamper-evident and liquid-tight snap-on lids are standard features.

A further benefit of the UniPak pail is that, once the product is empty, householders and commercial customers can benefit from its flexibility by using it for other purposes multiple times over, as it is microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe.

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