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Sweet success with striking tubs

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The SuperLift® container from Superfos, a Berry Global company, is providing a UK confectionery company with a striking and tamper-evident packaging solution.

Tangerine Confectionery was looking for a high-quality, colourful, and creative pack to re-launch its Barratt seasonal range of the UK’s favourite sweets.  The vivid colours of the SuperLift® tubs, made of widely recyclable polypropylene, provide strong shelf standout and have generated fantastic in-store backing with feature space and promotional support, which has led to an increase in demand for the sweets.

According to Russell Tanner, Marketing Manager and Category Management Director at Tangerine Confectionery, consumers love the sweets and the quality of the new tub.

“The great finish of the tub helps to display the vibrant fun side of our brand,” Tanner says. “We have seen a really strong sales performance. Last year’s sales have been clearly positive and, with a move to the Superfos tub, we have gained additional distribution in the market.”

The use of in-mould labelling for the decoration allows plenty of creativity and Superfos worked with Tangerine Confectionery to help achieve a visually-appealing pack.  For the main artwork design sign-off, Tangerine arranged a joint session for its design agency and Superfos, enabling amendments to be made and sign-off to take place on the same day.

The re-launched Barratt sweets are being sold in the UK and Australia in 750g tubs with a popular Retros variety available in a slightly smaller 630g version.

“Previously with other seasonal packaging options, we have seen a few problems with tamper-evidence,” explains Russell Tanner.  “Now with the solution from Superfos, there are no more complaints in this area.

“The SuperLift® solution is a great match to our brand; a premium product,” Tanner concludes. “It has a very strong shelf standout and makes a perfect gift of sweets to yourself or someone else. This was something we wanted to push with the new tub, and we have been absolutely successful with it.”

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