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If you’re looking for packaging to add uniqueness to your brand, you’ve come to the right place at Berry Superfos. 

Sometimes ‘one-size-fits-all’ is not enough. If you want to launch a unique product, you may want to look into a unique packaging solution. RPC Superfos offers you knowledge, experience and advice to create a customised packaging; only for you.

With a bespoke solution from RPC Superfos you can be certain that none of your competitors will have the same packaging as you. This makes it a perfect way to enhance your brand qualities and the uniqueness of your products. 

Supporting your development process

Berry Superfos' experienced international design teams will work with you to develop the perfect tailor-made packaging for your brand. With their wealth of experience and creative nature, they will understand your needs, your customers’ packaging preferences, and the technical and practical requirements for manufacturing it.

The team will be there to support you in all phases of the development process.

They guarantee you exclusivity by sharing their tooling with the brands they work with. RPC Superfos gives high priority to reducing brand's investment costs by reusing as much as possible of their existing equipment.

You don't have to start from scratch. The base range at Superfos allows for easy customisation through:

  • Outstanding consumer convenience features such as strainers, inserts, grids, handles, braille, FlakeFree, etc.
  • Unique branding possibilities in decoration
  • Short, bottom and full length labels
  • Numerous colours

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