Two-piece Spoon in lid goes bamboo and is EU compliant

A new spoon made of bamboo replaces single-use spoons made of PP in lids for on-the-go food packaging from Berry Superfos. The innovative new spoon comes in two pieces to fit into the lid.

Breakfast on the way to work, an energising snack in the afternoon or a treat before the daily workout – easy meals on-the-go or at home are becoming increasingly popular. Now, the convenient spoons in the packaging solutions for quick snacking from Berry Superfos will be made of bamboo instead of PP (polypropylene). This is an innovative and high-quality new feature, according to Søren Marcussen, Regional Director, Region Nordic:

“As a result of a pioneering process, we are delighted to introduce a two-piece bamboo spoon as a replacement for our PP foldable spoon in the lid. The new spoon combines an inventive use of materials with a user-friendly design, in a perfect way. Also, the spoon is compliant with new EU Single Use Plastics Directive which comes into force in July 2021.”

Two pieces combine for strong smooth spoon

The bamboo spoon fits with our Ø75 & Ø95 lids which are sizes that fit most of the round cups such as CombiRound, SuperLight™ and a number of other on-the-go product combinations from Berry Superfos.

The spoon, which is placed under a self-adhesive label in the lid, is made of two parts which the end-user can easily join. The spoon is long enough to reach all the way down to the bottom of the cup. The connection between the two parts is strong – perfect for stirring your yoghurt or skyr.

Bamboo is a durable material with a naturally smooth surface making the spoons both comfortable and convenient to use whilst enjoying a quick snack.

Compliant with EU SUP Directive

From the 1st July, the new EU SUP Directive has been implemented to remove or reduce plastic packaging that is commonly discarded which includes all single-use plastic cutlery, while spoons made of bamboo are fully compliant with legislation across the EU.

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