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UniPak pails work a treat for new snacks from Nordthy

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Nordthy in Denmark develops and distributes a wide selection of snacks, nuts, biscuits, cakes and confectionary. Now, in collaboration with Berry Superfos, Nordthy has a new packaging solution for its expanding range of tasty snacks – pails in bright colours that are ideal for reuse at home.

In 1966, Børge Lukassen founded a small family business that delivered biscuits and cakes to local merchants in the northern part of Denmark. Over the years the business, Nordthy, grew and today the next generations of Lukassens sell quality snacks, nuts, biscuits, cakes and confectioneries to supermarkets and other outlets all over the Nordics and Germany.

On-going product development is part of the reason for Nordthy’s success and, just recently, the company launched a new series of salty snacks and dried fruits. Nordthy needed really eye-catching packaging for this project and turned to Berry Superfos for help. Head of marketing at Nordthy, Jesper Lukassen says:

“We have worked with Berry Superfos for several years, so continuing this successful collaboration was the obvious choice for us. We had some very specific demands for the new pails when it came to design, In-Mould Labelling and, most importantly, the possibility for consumers to repurpose the pails at home. All of these demands were met successfully by Berry Superfos.”

In-mould labelling and colour coordination is a must

Nordthy aims to phase out packaging labels to become more compliant with today’s need for waste separation with different types of materials going into different waste streams. Thanks to the pioneering Berry Superfos In-Mould-Labelling technique, the logo and text are inserted straight into the surface of the new pails, making labels redundant. According to Lukassen, this signals an innovative edge to consumers.

Also, Nordthy wanted to present the delicious new snacks in an easily recognisable manner with eye-catching colours. Berry Superfos was able to deliver non-standard colours from bright yellow to green, with the same colours adorning each pail from the handle to the base. When it comes to product development nothing less than perfection is acceptable and every detail counts for Nordthy, according to Jesper Lukassen.

Reuse at home – by popular demand

This is not the first time Nordthy is offering consumers snacks in a pail suitable for reuse at home. Jesper Lukassen says:

“Even after the snacks have been eaten, the UniPak pails are still of value to consumers with great potential for multiple uses at home, such as food storage containers or even for holding nails and screws. When a pail is as good as this one, many consumers do not throw it in the trash; they clean it and use it again for other purposes. All in all, this packaging solution really appeals to consumers and this adds value to our products which is very important aspect.”


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