Berry Superfos launches breakthrough recycled packaging solution for food industry

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Berry Superfos is now able to offer customers in the food industry packaging made from recycled plastic with the same quality as virgin materials. Currently, Berry Superfos is already supplying key customers in the food industry on several joint projects.

Thanks to breakthrough technology and leadership in innovation, Berry Superfos can now offer our customers in the food industry a new ground-breaking circular packaging solution: packaging in polypropylene (PP) made from recycled plastic with the same quality as virgin materials.

Søren Rohleder, CEO, Berry Superfos says: 

“Our new advanced recycled option gives our customers brand new opportunities in their efforts to ensure end-users sustainable solutions. Already, we are working on viable projects and starting production together with customers in several different food subsectors including: confectionery, dips & dressings, ice-cream, dairy, seafood, cakes & biscuits, etc.” 

Berry Superfos facilities throughout Europe hold the necessary ISCC Plus certification. This certification ensures credible claims for circular materials as well as traceability throughout chain of custody, which is based on mass balance. If you use the recycled material for your food product packaging, you are also required to have an ISCC Plus certification of your own covering your food production facility in order to make claims regarding the material.

Reduces landfill and saves virgin feedstocks

In the past, recycled material that was in direct contact with food products was unthinkable due to food safety and hygiene requirements. But new advanced pyrolysis technology makes food packaging with recycled content possible. It enables waste streams that are not suitable for mechanical recycling to be recovered and converted into virgin-quality recycled plastic, suitable for food packaging and other regulated applications.

When you opt for a packaging solution with recycled content, you help to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfill and it also saves virgin materials. Plastic – even from recycled streams – is a versatile and strong material necessary for many purposes, so recycling of this resource is an important step on the road to a circular economy.

Benefits remain the same

The well-known advantages of using a Berry Superfos packaging solution still prevail when you opt for one of our series produced with the new virgin-quality recycled material. You still get a lightweight packaging solution that is easy to stack and store and offers a low noise level in your production process, with trouble-free opening and reclosure for your customers.

How can we help?

If you want further information about our food grade PP packaging solutions with recycled material, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Berry Superfos offer you 360° support and full-scale demonstration if you choose to go for a circular solution.

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