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Aquarium Systems only uses Superfos pails with recycled plastic content

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After a few trials, Aquarium Systems in France has gradually moved from virgin plastic pails to ones made with 50% PCR, post-consumer recycled material. The quality, sturdiness and vivid artwork decoration of the SuperCube and SuperLift Extra pails from Berry Superfos are just convincing, says CEO.

“Now we only use pails with recycled plastic content.”

Ornamental fish and corals are kept for joyful pleasure and aesthetic purposes in many homes. To keep them thriving and healthy, you need marine salt − it could be the sort produced by Aquarium Systems in France, delivering to customers world-wide.

The two major marine salt brands are Instant Ocean, used to match seawater in an aquarium, and Reef Crystals, which facilitates coral growth. Both are among the most popular salts in Europe because of their very fine consistency and solubility.

Successful move from 100% virgin plastic to 50% PCR

A hardly visible, yet most important, change happened recently as regards the plastic packaging solution. The full salt range now comes in square SuperCube® and round SuperLift Extra containers made with 50% post-consumer recycled material (PCR), developed and delivered by Berry Superfos. Sizes vary from 3.5 litres to 21.6 litres.

Thomas Bertschy, the CEO of Aquarium Systems, is most pleased with the move towards recycled plastic:

“Aquarium Systems took interest in recycling a few years ago and had our first experience with PCR pails which turned out well throughout the entire supply chain. Today, we only use pails made with a very high share of recycled plastic. The SuperCube PCR and SuperLift Extra PCR pails are of great quality, sturdy and good looking.”

Vivid colours on PCR pails

PCR pails from Berry Superfos are available in several colours, however not in red and purple, which were the pail colours used for Instant Ocean and Reef Crystals, respectively. Instead, the pail body is now black, but splendidly decorated with the advanced In-Mould labelling technique from Superfos. The two artwork decorations in vivid colours are eye-catching.

Bertschy adds:

“The square pails are excellent for creating a beautiful facing at point of sale where our products stand as straight as an arrow. The round pails are best for larger and heavier volumes,” 

Asked about the business relation with Berry Superfos, Thomas Bertschy gives positive feedback:

“Our collaboration with Berry Superfos is good. The fact that we have worked together for around 20 years speaks for itself. We value our packaging solution provider’s focus on quality and their innovative edge. Superfos is also at the forefront in respect of innovating with PCR, post-consumer recycled material.”

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