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Berry’s technical innovation enables iconic pot to be made with recycled plastic

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Leading-edge material technology is enabling Berry Superfos to produce the signature mortar-shaped pot for Spanish food producer Choví Group’s garlic mayonnaise brand, Allioli, incorporating 25% recycled plastic.

The new pot retains its iconic shape and sunny yellow colour that ensure maximum brand awareness on-shelf but is now able to contain 25% recycled polypropylene (PP) that is the same quality as virgin material. The recycled content of the packaging has been allocated using the ISCC mass balance approach. In addition, the entire pot can be recycled where appropriate facilities exist. Both the saving of virgin materials and facilitating the reduction in the amount of plastic waste going to landfill support the move to a circular economy.

The change in material composition of the injection-moulded pot was made possible by an alliance between Choví, Berry Superfos and supplier of the recycled polypropylene Repsol. All three companies hold the ISCC PLUS certification which is required to allow the use of recycled material for food product packaging. This certification ensures credible claims for circular materials, as well as traceability throughout the chain of custody.

The breakthrough for the food industry that allows food packaging to be made of polypropylene with recycled materials is due to new advanced pyrolysis technology. This has enabled the recovery of waste streams that are not suitable for mechanical recycling and which, when converted, produce material of virgin plastic quality.

“The process path of developing our iconic Allioli pot to include recycled material has been a long but rewarding road, and the result is excellent,” commented David Moya, Choví’s Industrial Director. “It was made possible thanks to our alliance with Berry Superfos and Repsol who have been perfect travel companions for us in this pioneering project to increase the sustainability of the Allioli pot.”

This successful collaboration also underlines the strength of the over 25 years’ partnership between the Choví Group and Berry Superfos that will ensure the continuing development of packaging solutions for the customer.

"Our partnership with Choví is an example of the kind of relationship that we strive to establish with all our customers every day,” confirmed Berry Superfos Iberia’s Commercial Director, Ignacio Igea. “It involves being innovative and providing state-of-the-art technology, dedicated service and commitment to more sustainable development.”

For further information on Berry’s circular solutions and food grade PP packaging with recycled material, visit: https://www.berryglobal.com/en/sustainability/sustainability-strategy/product-impacts

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