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Free pail boosts sales of dog food

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Attractive pots and pails from RPC Superfos have proved the ideal solution for free measuring cups and storage containers for a leading dry pet food company, while RPC Superfos' ability to effectively handle the distribution logistics has been another key factor in the promotion's success.

Based in Canada, Champion Petfoods produces biologically appropriate pet food, made from fresh regional ingredients, high content of meat and fresh meat and very low in carbohydrates. To promote its products, the company provides free measuring cups that pet owners can simply pick up off the shelf, while a storage pail is offered as a loyalty gift to dog owners who buy 13kg dry pet food of one of the two brands Acana® or Orijen®.

RPC Superfos was selected to produce both items. For the measuring cups, Champion Petfoods uses RingLock® and UniPak® pots. For the dry pet food, once a bag has been opened the contents need to be stored in a dry place away from sunlight, and the Hobbock® pails are perfect for this purpose. In addition, with in-mould labelling they create a high visual impact. All three containers are injection moulded in polypropylene.

To Champion Petfoods the right choice of a packaging supplier was not only a question of production and decoration options; the logistic capabilities of RPC Superfos also played an important part as Fabrizio Spena, sales manager for Europe, Champion Petfoods explains:

"Our pet food is available in 70 countries around the world and of these, about 30 are in Europe. We solely distribute our products through pet speciality shops and we wanted to offer consistent promotional items to our distributors regardless of geography. This is why we very much appreciate that RPC Superfos can not only produce beautiful pails and measuring cups, but can also handle the logistics for us across Europe.

In this campaign, one of the first countries to be served was Greece. Here we had great success; the complimentary pail boosted sales by no less than 35 per cent."

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