Safe pack solution for anti-pollution paint

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A ground-breaking new indoor paint that is able to absorb formaldehyde in the air is being packed in RPC Superfos's Paintainer® plastic pail in order to safeguard the particular properties of the paint.

While most of us know that the air in many cities is polluted, not everyone is aware that our indoor climate is polluted as well. Research shows that the atmosphere indoors may even be between 5 and 10 times more polluted than the open air. This is partly due to formaldehyde from building materials and furniture.

To offer a solution to the problem, the French paint company ONIP has developed an innovative series of paint, now sold in France under the brand Label'Onip Clean'R. Within just a few hours of painting being completed, the special paint will absorb the formaldehyde molecules in the air and transform them into an insignificant amount of water.

The reasons for the selection of the injection moulded polypropylene Paintainer® for this unique solution is explained by Christelle Leviel, Factory Manager at Peintures Safe, the manufacturing plant of ONIP:

"Usually, we fill our paint in metal pails, which have an internal lacquer coating. As we could not get a guarantee of formaldehyde absence, we opted for plastic to prevent any potential formaldehyde addition. We teamed up with RPC Superfos to find a safe packaging solution that secures the intrinsic properties of our paint. Tests showed very good results and we are happy with the solution: a 1 litre Paintainer® pail."

For the production of the pail, RPC Superfos and Peintures Safe have adapted the lid closing tool to ensure correct closure on the filling line. As well as accomplishing the need for protection of the Label'Onip Clean'R paint, all pails work well in tinting machines. In addition, it is easy to open and to re-close the Paintainer® pails, which is a very important feature for the end-user.

"As our paint is on a very high innovative level, it is essential to us to have a packaging solution that is on an equally high level and suits our professional target groups", says Christelle Leviel.

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